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Bolt-in E46 Half-Cage

Once your driving skills reach a certain point and you are really starting to carry some speed on the track, you need to start thinking about safety.  We designed the E46 M3 bolt-in rollbar for advanced drivers (weekend warriors) who still wanted to drive their cars on the street but also wanted to have additional rollover protection for when they go to the track.  Our product was not designed to meet the specifications of any race series.  We build proper race chassis for that purpose (see E46 M3 race car builds in the project section of our website).  This unit was designed to increase the safety and performance for those participating in advanced driving schools and track days.  Installation of this product does not require any modification to your car and provides you with the opportunity to run proper race seats and harnesses.      

We fabricate this rollbar out of Chromalloy 1.75"x.095"(we use this material in our race car builds as well) and currently sell it for $850.00 USD unpainted.  Although we are located just outside Toronto, Canada – we regularly ship this product to the US, Europe, the far  East and Australia. 

"I would like to thank you so much for making those roll bars for Caesar and myself. We just painted and installed them the past 2 weekends and we are VERY happy with the perfection that you placed on these items." - P. Sangavaram, NJ

Bolt-in E92 Half-Cage

New Product!!

Attention E92 (E92 M3) drivers! Our E92 Chromalloy bolt-in half cage is finally in production. For more details, please email